Sliding Gate Safety

We prefer to discuss sliding gates safety directly with our customers specifcally relating to their installation. Therefore please call us to find out more or ask us any questions.

Safety and the Law

All machines placed on the market in the European Union have a legal requirement to comply with the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

In the UK this European Law is implemented by The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992. This regulation requires all machines to meet a set of “essential health and safety requirements” and to be CE marked as proof of compliance.

In this context, all automated gates are classified as machines under these regulations and manufacturers, suppliers, installers and users of automated gates within the EU must ensure they comply with legislation.

Our Policy

We take the safety of automated gates very seriously and we think our customers should too. Slider motors have modern electronics to manage their operation and one of the facilities available is one of determining the force of the gate i.e. how hard the gate will push. We are also able to set up a function within the motor called “sensitivity”. This operates by detecting the resistance to the gate that is abnormal and will cause the gate to stop and retract. The combination of force control and sensitivity controls allows us to provide a level of safety within the inherent operation of the gate. We insist additional safety devices are installed including two safety beams, sensitive edges and an emergency stop button.

We will always perform a risk assessment and dicuss risks with a client, ensuring those risks can be mitigated against where possible.

Customers are responsible for post installation maintenance and servicing to ensure the gates continue to operate as at the time of installation. For more information on our maintenance and servicing options please see our servicing page.


Gate Safety

Automated gates are considered to be a machine, with mechanical moving parts they can be dangerous.

Automatic gates are required to have certain safety features to prevent entrapment. AutoGate Yorkshire have produced a safety checklist that all our gates adhere to, download our safety checklist.


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From our first contact with AutoGate Yorkshire we have been guided to make the best decisions for what is a tricky situation. They gave us their time and expertise which helped inform our final choices. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and would recommend them to others.
Mr. & Mrs. Kendrew, Wetherby