Where a full installation is being undertaken, our preferred approach is to undertake a first fix, usually one to two site days and a second fix, usually one to two site days.

The first fix includes installation of posts where necessary, all ground works and all cabling. On completion of the first fix, there will be no further disturbance to the ground, and if necessary, the customer is then able to undertake other work to the drive, as all ground works by ourselves have been completed.

Having undertaken the first fix we are able to ensure that all measurements and details for the equipment are accurate and correct.

Between the first fix and the second fix, this time is allocated to the manufacture of the equipment, this time may vary according to the time of year and the work already planned in, however it is usually about three weeks.

On return to site to undertake the second fix, the equipment will be installed, automated and all works completed to the customer’s satisfaction.


Gate Safety

Automated gates are considered to be a machine, with mechanical moving parts they can be dangerous.

Automatic gates are required to have certain safety features to prevent entrapment. AutoGate Yorkshire have produced a safety checklist that all our gates adhere to, download our safety checklist.


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From our first contact with AutoGate Yorkshire we have been guided to make the best decisions for what is a tricky situation. They gave us their time and expertise which helped inform our final choices. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and would recommend them to others.
Mr. & Mrs. Kendrew, Wetherby