How long does it take to install industrial equipment and automation?

It depends on the size of the installation, the level of access controls and availability of the power source for the automation but usually about 4 days. For more information about our installation process please see the installations page.

How long does it take to automate existing gates?

Usually within a day but may take two depending on various circumstances.

Can additional key fob transmitters be ordered after the installation and if so how?

Yes, you can either call us or email us and we can arrange to post or deliver additional key fob transmitters to you.

What’s the difference between a tracked sliding gate and a cantilever sliding gate?

A tracked sliding entrance gate has a steel rail set into the ground along which wheels on the base of the gate run. A cantilever sliding entrance gate has no rail or wheels, and instead the entrance gate is suspended from a structure.

Will you be able to fully maintain and service the equipment for us after installation?

Yes and that’s very much a part of the total service we provide. Annual maintenance¬†and servicing is important to ensure the equipment continues to run as smoothly and safely as the day it was installed. Servicing starts at ¬£160 plus VAT and includes a full service report. Questions not answered here ? – Then please contact us here.

Gate Safety

Automated gates are considered to be a machine, with mechanical moving parts they can be dangerous.

Automatic gates are required to have certain safety features to prevent entrapment. AutoGate Yorkshire have produced a safety checklist that all our gates adhere to, download our safety checklist.


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From our first contact with AutoGate Yorkshire we have been guided to make the best decisions for what is a tricky situation. They gave us their time and expertise which helped inform our final choices. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and would recommend them to others.
Mr. & Mrs. Kendrew, Wetherby